JPEG, Aperture, and Lightroom

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Re: JPEG, Aperture, and Lightroom

Amazingly, I have no good RAW files with a lot of foliage that's in-focus (I tend to take mostly portraits with shallow DOF) but here's an example where I think Lightroom produces a sharper image than Aperture. I couldn't get the Aperture image any sharper without introducing unwelcome artifacts, and I tried the regular (non-edge) sharpening as well with even less impressive results. The Lightroom image does have a "painterly" look at 100%, but at typical viewing sizes for me, it looks sharp and natural. The moss on the tree does look a bit smudgy in the Lightroom image, and I'll definitely have to get out and shoot some landscapes for my next comparison.

EDIT: The exported Aperture image here is actually significantly sharper than it is when viewed in Aperture itself. I didn't realize that the on-screen preview in Aperture doesn't represent the final level of sharpening when exported. The Lightroom image looks substantially the same here, and in Lightroom itself. Interesting. I'm not going to give a big edge to Lightroom here like I originally thought  

Aperture, default RAW conversion, edge sharpening, intensity 0.8, edges 0.35

Lightroom, default RAW conversion, Provia profile, sharpening at 60

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