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This guy did some tests:!i=3199673547&k=5W67zXW

"Finally I managed to try out the Fuji XT-1 and Sony a6000. Just for comparison sake, I have included one picture taken with the Canon 5D MK3 taken at ISO1600.

Note: In another folder, I have some Sony 7 and 7r shots for a quick review. You might want to check that out.

Theer are plenty of technical details which one can easily google so I shall skip all that and proceed straight to the pictures. I was not able to take the cameras outdoors (staff didn't allow that) so all tests were done indoors. But in a sense this is a blessing because the lower light indoor conditions posed a greater challenge for the cameras.

One of the things I desperately wanted to find out was whether these latest mirrorless models can actually track as well as a DSLR. Past Fuji and Sony models have exhibited dismal performance. Well, the good news is that both the XT-1 and Sony a6000 can track. I haven't had the chance to put them to test in outdoor conditions. I tested them indoors and under rather bad lighting conditions but they still work. The Fuij XT-1 and the Sony a6000 have broken the barrier and crossed the rubicon. From now, APS-C sized mirrorless cameras will only get better and better, especially in the AF department.

Which mirrorless does better in AF, I will reserve comments until I have the opportunity to do more detailed tests. Fuji XT-1 does up to 8fps; the Sony a6000 11 fps. This quick test is mainly about IQ and AF tracking in real life situations. All I can say at this point is that higher frame rate is useless if it cannot maintain focus. It is better to have a slighter lower frame fate with higher percentage of pictures in focus.

As for static shots, there is nothing to worry about - both models snap into focus almost instantly. They are more than adequate to do normal human activity photos.

While these mirrorless cameras do track but their AF system is not as sophisticated and refined as models such as the 5DMK3, D4 or 1DX."

-more at link.

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