JPEG, Aperture, and Lightroom

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Re: JPEG, Aperture, and Lightroom

Jim in Hudson wrote:

Thanks for posting. To my eyes, Aperture's rendering is better than Lightroom's default (non-profile) rendering. What would be interesting is whether you could duplicate LR's Provia profile by starting with the LR default and adjusting from there.... then compare to the best you can achieve through Aperture.

The colours are way off though - the pinks have turned nearly red, and any attempts at correcting them result in unpleasant changes in skin tones that I haven't been able to work around. Even if I could, it's a lot of work. Some blues also render much deeper (and less realistically) in Aperture. It's been my biggest issue. I also find skin tones render with quite harsh highlights and again, I can often work around it but I find Aperture's starting point to be too far off of what I perceive the original image should be. Lightroom's Fuji film profiles are a godsend in this regard.

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