Can someone explain "Cloud Storage"

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Re: Can someone explain "Cloud Storage"

RUcrAZ wrote:

The initial Wikipedia paragraph is, to me, a bunch of goddledigoop.

It appears to be a way to buy or rent (or even for free) some storage space for our files (e.g. photos) uploaded to somewhere in the internet world, and access them via the internet.

What I'd like to know in general is:

1) Is there any "general" cloud that one can use, or are there a whole bunch of "company-specific" clouds that one must search-research?

2) Are there any free, (and if so, how to access them) and how much "space" is available?

3) The Pro-Cons of cloud space (speed of access, risk of loss, etc. etc.)

Anyway, I'll skip the rest of the questions (regarding property theft, security, etc. etc.) but would like folks that are using it to be good enough to explain cloud.

Many thanks!


Cloud is a general term for anything that is hosted on a remote server, most of us have been using the "cloud" for years, it just was not marketed that way.  There are several free and pay "cloud" sites, OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox are probably the most common, Adobe, Flickr, Zenfolio and many others offer cloud storage for photos, there are cloud backup services like Crashplan and Mozy.

Most of the cloud storage sites offer free plans with varying amounts of storage, some give you a referral bonus, I have 25GB free with OneDrive.
I back up all my files locally but also remotely with Crashplan+; $12/month to backup multiple computers and I have remote access to my files from my laptop, phone or tablet if necessary.  Yes the upload speeds can be an issue with some of the services and there's always the chance they might lose your data but I use it as a second backup copy and their file versioning is handy.

I use cloud storage quite regularly for proofing galleries and sharing and sharing files with customers.  I could host them on my own site but using one of the cloud services is just easier.

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