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I quote from DPR: "The X-T1 is probably Fujifilm's best camera to date, offering a compelling combination of intuitive handling, excellent image quality, and one of best electronic viewfinders we've seen. It also features one of the most impressive autofocus systems on any camera at this price level, both in terms of accuracy with fast lenses and tracking moving subjects. Over all it's a hugely engaging and capable camera, and one that's fundamentally a joy to use."

Ok, Sony, your target has been set up, now take aim and fire! I'm tired of continually seeing a Fuji product with an 84% rating. By about this time you should be able to muster a competitor APS-C camera that will outscore the X-T1's 84%. Yes, the well price positioned A6000 is doing well for you with a better than 10% market position. But I hope you've got an A7000 on your drawing board to overcome the X-T1. I expect your A7K to attend to those pesky details you sometimes say will be fixed on later models. And while you're at it, why don't you fool all of us and bring an A7K in at an attractive price much closer to the A6K than the X-T1? This is your chance to attain an extremely high DPR score and keep us NEX-7ers in your stable.

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I don't know, Don.

  • Fuji X-T1 + 'kit' lens: $1,699
  • Sony A6000 + 'kit' lens: $800

Sure, the X-T1 scores higher, but it should be compared with the A7, not the A6000.

Kudos to Sony for bringing a full-feature top-of-line spec APS-C camera out for $650 (body only).

  • In terms of market share: Sony 1 - Fuji 0
  • In terms of bragging rights: Sony 0 - Fuji 1

Pick your horses...

And there is room between the A6000 and A7 for either/both an A7000 and A6...

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Henry, Thanks for your reply. I tend to agree with your conclusion that there is room for something along the lines of an A7000 without or with hump. My point is "wouldn't it be lovely" if Sony achieved the the bragging rights to go along with their increasing market share. Implicit in this accomplishment would be a solid APS-C camera with all its bells and whistles well fastened. That is, enhance the room for improvement on the A6000. And l think Sony can do that at a price between the 2 comparative cameras you mention. Don

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Also Sony should provide better quality lens than its kit lens 18-55mm, something similar to Fuji's very well received lens, 16-55mm f2.8 at a reasonable/affordable price unlike the Sony's Zeiss 16-70mm at $1000. Until Sony starts developing then release that lens I wouldn't buying more Sony body.

Sony can never beat Fuji on quality or price

1.Fuji is a top optical company. It doesn't have to pay a logo license fee to anyone, or to hire an outside firm to design their lenses, or have contractors make the lens components. On a $1000 lens, that probably saves them $300. Unlike Sony, it's been making lenses for more than 70 years.

2. Sony is under the gun from shareholders - specifically activist investor Dan Loeb, who is whipping them mercilessly over profits. Dan owns 7% of Sony shares, more than all the management and board combined.

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