Wedding body - D610 vs D700 vs D3

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Wedding body - D610 vs D700 vs D3

Hi guys,

I am really having hard times deciding which FX body to buy for wedding photography.

Currently I use a D7100 and a D90, and I want to replace the D90 with a FX body. Video is not imortant since I have the D7100 for that.


D610 vs D700 vs D3?

I really want to hear what you think, because I simply cannot decide it.

But here are the points make my decision hard:


  • I love the ISO performance and dynamic range
  • I am afraid of the AF system, I think it will be worse then the one in D7100
  • Don't really like that it's not a professional camera in terms of buttons, style...
  • I don't like that it's a step back from D7100 in terms of some features (100% magnification on OK button, smaller LCD, worse AF...) 

D700 (used of course)

  • I really love that its a professional camera (I hope I don't have to tell more about this point...)
  • I am a bit afraid of its age...
  • ISO performance and dynamic range is not as good as D610, it's also not better than the D7100 if we re-size to pictures to the same size
  • Its cheaper than the D610... but I am afraid that I will not be able to sell it in 2 or 3 years, so in the long run I will lose more money than with a D610
  • Don't like that there is only one card slot
  • I really like the reliable AF system 

D3 (used)

  • I simple love that it's a half brick:D it's so professional that it would be a pleasure to use it, that's the true, I have already tried it, it's a dream after a consumer body.
  • It's not that expensive as I thought: its cheaper than a new D610 (in Hungary at least) and just a bit more expensive (lets say with 250 USD) than a D700 with battery grip.
  • I love the 2 card slots
  • Love the reliable AF system
  • But... I am afraid of its age... and that I will not be able to sell it in 2 or 3 years
  • ISO and DR is not that good.

Honestly a D800 with a 24MP or 16MP sensor would be the best...

I would really appreciate if you could share your opinion on this question!

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