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Re: Color space

brucet wrote:


sRGB. The big 'thing' is to ensure everything is set the same. Camera, software, printer etc all in sRGB.

Well...only for those who don't want to get into the complexities of color management. Then it is better and easier to set everything to sRGB.

But there isn't any problem setting the camera to Adobe RGB if shooting raw, and using an app like Lightroom that will automatically keep all the raw colors and convert properly on export. As long as the Export is set to sRGB, it doesn't matter how it came in, it will come out sRGB for clients.

I'm just a big fan of keeping all the colors my expensive camera can shoot, since I already have a monitor and printer that exceed sRGB. I want to reproduce as many colors as possible on my equipment, and setting everything to sRGB would just be a waste.

But certainly, when work goes outside, it's gotta be sRGB or whatever the printer wants.

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