Leica T is out, but for who?

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Re: WRONG on the facts

Harold66 wrote:

Daedalus2000 wrote:

Sorry Harrold66 I do not know who you are, as I have not seen you posting here before (I may be wrong), but in this forum we do not respond to people's opinions in that tone and we do not shout at them, so chill out, and if you have anything useful to say, say it the proper way, politely and with good arguments. Using capital letters also shows that you feel you arguments are weak and need to be shouted rather than stated.


First of all thanks for your reply.

Since you seem to like a good dialogue, let me try to reply to your points.

I am kind of aware that using capital letters are considered as shouting which I always found kind of silly since this is a written silent forum

Ok, everyone else that communicates on the internet has given a specific meaning to a specific form or writing that enriches the communication experience and you decide to ignore it. Interesting... I hope you understand that if everyone did the same, we would not be able to communicate at all.

Anyway, if you state that you do not use capital letter to shout, I believe you and move on.

I do not use capital letters in all of my message but as part to stress some of the most important points I was making , like it has been done in most languages since ... well since forever

I have never seen anyone using capital letter to stress a point. I have seen it on labels. Underlying is used for stressing part of a sentence, but anyway.

so if you want to read something else in the use of capital letters that what it means in English grammar it is your privilege but I am not following you on this path

I will follow you down your own personal path, no problem.

You are correct in stating that I normally do not post in the Leica forum since I do not own a leica camera anymore but that is not really relevant to the point I was making

That is irrelevant to our discussion I was making a point that I do not know you, kind as a polite introduction.

Regardless of the forums , I sometimes feel the need to alert other people s attention when instead of posting an OPINION , someone makes a lot of strong assertions ( like facts) which are plain untrue

when someone states something, it is not implied automatically that he makes an assertion, it can be a statement of opinion. You are (potentially) misinterpreting what he writes. You are too sensitive in this case (in my opinion of course).

too bad you take issue on it but I think you are missing my point entirely. Maybe some others won 't

I am just letting you know what is the preferred way of communicating in this forum. You are very welcome to contribute but I found your strong tone based on a subjective interpretation of what someone wrote a bit rude actually. If you are interested, keep reading my comments to your comments.


Harold66 wrote:

Alxy wrote:

Leica T is out.

The exact list of mediocrity points of Leica T:

Slow in many regards, according to the reviews.

REALLY ? And how many reviews would that be considering the camera is out for one day and all reviewers worthy of that title only had a preview of the camera. Not sure what your agenda is but your answers are suspicious.. To say the keast

His statement is correct, the camera is slow in some respects. Immediately you see an agenda where there is none.

AF is contrast detect only, no PDAF. A must today for new cameras of this segment.

Says who ? Who made you the king ?

You may have a point here, but he states his view nicely and in the next sentence completes his view which may be valid for his expectations and comparative analysis. Therefore, your second sentence is unnecessary and rude in my opinion.

Fujifilm X-E2, X-T1, Sony A7, Sony A6000, Canon M2, Nikon 1, Olympus E-M1 have it. Basically each company now has it.

Sensor size - APS-C. Sony A7/A7r are full frame with Carl Zeiss lenses. Some point-and-shoot are APS-C or close. I would also mention Sony R1 here as an example of innovation.

APS is BY FAR with m4/3rds the dominant sensir size in the mirorless market. Mirorless systems in aps size AND SMALLER represent in volume at least 95% of sales. 35mm sensor for mirorless cameras WITH interchangeable market is a NICHE. Market and will remain that way fir years to come. And not to mention that it would make even LESS sense for Leica to go that road considering the M. Lens line- up

I assume you are just confusing what the market wants with what YOU want. Maybe you should get a R1

Again he states a preference. No need to tell him he is confused. Unnecessary and rude.

No image stabilization. All other have it in some way - on sensor or in lenses.

partially true , which i guess is ok considering what is coming next

Maximum shutter speed is 1/4000. Many have it up to 1/8000

so what. ? The question is who really needs it ? Very few people i suspect

Now, you are stating something as a potential fact. I choose to interpret it as an opinion, if I follow your interpretation I should think you are stating false facts...

No weather sealing. Fujifilm X-T1, Sony A7/A7r, Olympus E-M1 have it.

yes and hiw do you justify this on a camera aimed at being used from the touch LCD. You should really try to THINK. Before you write

Again, you may have a point, you may not, as he talks about weather sealing not waterproof. Do you really need to try to insult?

LCD does not tilt - all other companies have a camera with a tillable one.


Most of them have it, so it is more valid than your statement.

No built-in EVF. Extra 600$ for it. All other companies have a model with EVF built-in.

Even LESS. true than the one before.

you are right, but sony does, fuji does, nikon does, canon does, so he is probably thinking about these companies.

you clearly do not have a lot of verified facts in your thread

Neither do you. Shall we get upset with you?

i personnally have zero interest in this camera but I think making up stuff as you go is a form of trolling

It is not. His statements were his opinions and his points, and although not perfect, have some validity. Accusing him of trolling is completely unnecessary.

Why did I wrote all these? Because in this forum we value politeness and we are also adults and we can cope with different views, half baked facts and potential trolls. What we can not cope with is rudeness. Also, do not get so upset with people, different people/cultures express themselves with different levels of intensity and assertion. Let's all be friends!

To change the subject, I see you post in the Ricoh forum. I think the GR is one of the best cameras around and I saw somewhere that the GXR out-resolves the new Leica T when used with Leica lenses... I just wish Ricoh was able to continue developing that line.

Best, D

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