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Re: 55-200 vs 100-400

Evan Effa wrote:

masterofdeception wrote:

Can you show us why the Fuji lense can't substitute for the Canon one? What is it about the Canon one that you like and which one are you talking about? I'm asking because I usually stick to primes, but I'd like a longer lense for landscape. I used Canon lenses in the past, and I'd be interested in using the Fuji but why don't you think the Fuji ones compare to the Canon? Thanks!

I'd love for you to elaborate on why the 55-200 isn't a 100-400 replacement. Shorter focal length? Slower AF? I'm guessing it's not IQ.


I may have spoken prematurely as I don't have enough experience using the 55-200 yet.

My sample of the 100-400 is so sharp & quick focussing that I have probably been spoiled. My quick off-the-cuff shots of an Osprey, my dog romping on the beach and a few other moving subjects with the 55-200 have so far been a little disappointing. (poor focus & ?internal flare) That could quite possibly be just my poor technique & not having a good feel for the AF-C mode on the X-T1. (The focus hunting and odd behaviour in AF-C mode have me using AF-S as my default. This from a guy who has been using AI-Servo with the rear AF button on Canons for years..)

On static subjects, the 55-200 lens seems quite stellar. I'm just not sure for moving subjects.

The jury is out for me on that yet.

What about you?


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Thanks. I don't have the 55-200 but have been considering it, for landscape on an X-Pro1 only though so that's something to consider.  I won't use it for action, or sports, and I guess the Canon is going to rip it to shreds if i wanted to use it for action, but that's not a concern.  I just thought maybe you thought the Canon lense had an advantage IQ wise, but I guess not.

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