Diffraction with a subpixel sensor

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Re: Diffraction with a subpixel sensor

Its RKM wrote:

On the contrary, that example demonstrates we are in complete disagreement: you claim that condition has pixels equal to the Airy disc radius, I claim they are half the radius. ...

Fine with me, but a factor of two in this context is quite a significant discrepancy.

Ok, since you think it does matter, I looked up my notes and you are right:

At f/14, the Airy disk radius is 9.4 µm and it is the line pair, not the pixel, which must be separated by at least this amount. Which makes 2 pixels per Airy disk radius.

However, it doesn't really affect any of my statements. Just replace the wording pixel by line pair when it comes to numbers.

So yes, my RX10 F/16 numbers are wrong: the MTF5 diffraction limit is 4 MP rather than 1 MP.

Thanks for pointing it out. I apologize for my mistake.

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