Canon 70D + EF 100-400 L IS + teleconverter?

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Canon 70D + EF 100-400 L IS + teleconverter?


I just bought (almost) new Canon EF 100-400mm lens for bird photography for my 70D camera. As I already own an old Voigtlander Ultron 100-400mm I know that such reach (even with the camera's 1.6 crop factor) is sometimes not enough and I am not that much into photo-cropping in PP.

I was reading many threads for last days - unfortunately all of them very outdated - about Canon's 100-400 L + TC setup (mostly with 5DmkIII or 1Ds) and read a lot about the problems with autofocus etc.

My question is not that much whether to try the TC (I definitely will try it out!), but more: which one to try?

Manual focus is not a big problem since for now using that old Voigtlander I was focusing only manually (probably the old AF is not compatible with new 70D) and even it is quite hard I can say I have more than 70% of objects in focus (the problem is only that this Voigtlander's sharpness is very low at 400mm where I am almost all the time ). Therefore I think using Canon's 100-400 L with MF should not be a big problem for me now (even more with zoom-lock feature it has at whole range and IS even not mentioning- while the Voigtlander (also pull-zoom) has no zoom-lock at all and no IS at all).

My questions are:

- should I satisfy with less reach but better IM and go with 1.4 TC or should the IM will still be quite satisfying even when using 2.0 TC? And what about the Kenko's 3.0 TC?

- should I invest in Canon's TCs or is it enough to go with third-party ones, e.g. Kenko?

- if Canon's definitely, is it enough to buy Mk II or should I pay a little more for Mk III TCs?

- what about the teleconverting lens attachments? I do not know how to call them exactly but I saw (suprisingly quite cheap) sets of macro, fisheye and teleconverter "lenses" that gets screwed onto the lens instead the filter. Has anyone any experience with them?

Thank You for Your time and answers!

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