RX10 'motor' noise recorded in video - what can I do?

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Re: Try the ECM-XYST1M

2eyesee wrote:

necamica wrote:

I have one. It does pick up the sound from my RX10 as well. Now I want to make sure mine is louder than other or not.

BUT, As I mentioned earlier that the purr sound is very faint and may not bother most of time. As long as the mic level is set not too high (and speaker volume is not extreme high), it will be hard to notice.

Now, the problem of ECM-XYST1M: As far as I know mic level can not be adjusted. Even worse, it always set mic level very high - I think it is at 26. Only way to lower it is to connect mic as an external mic using cable. (kind of disappointment - losing simplicity) Once it was hook up through external mic input and lower the mic level setting, I was able to get clean recording.

My question to all of you: what is your mic level setting for normal use?

I'm surprised your ECM-XYST1M (who came up with that name?) picks up noise from the RX10.

I had an NEX-6 last year and found the internal mic picked the noise made by the 16-50mm Power Zoom lens. I got an ECM-XYST1M and it completely resolved the problem, being a directional mic.

Just so everyone is clear, there are actually 3 separate sources of noise that are being discussed on this thread:

1. The whirring motor noise on the RX10. As the OP, this is what I initially thought my problem was - but it was actually nothing to do with it.

2. Hiss from the amps - this is what my problem was.

3. The sound of the lens zooming.

Well, at least I am dealing with problem #1 and #2.  Bigger issue is #2 as I can ignore #1 in most cases.

In my case, any hiss starts when mic level was set to about 16 or above.  Noticeable hiss at level 22 or higher.  Same goes to when I using external mic.  I would like to know if my RX10 is normal or not.  (I doubt it will go all the way to 29 without any hiss, though).

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