Comparison between Panasonic TZ60 RAWS and Canon SX700 JPEGS

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Re: Comparison between Panasonic TZ60 RAWS and Canon SX700 JPEGS

Altruisto wrote:

brianj wrote:

If you want to get back the fine grain in the canon try turning down the sharpness in the my colors area, it is linked to NR and has more affect as ISO rises, that is how I think it works from my experiments in this area with the SX260.

I must say that at ISO100 the pana looks awful with a harsh grain covering and interacting all over, but maybe the raw needs more noise reduction.

I would take the canon even without raw due to its vibrant realistic colors.


The RAWS haven't been smoothed, but they hold as much detail. Colors are a matter of taste. I actually prefer the reds in the Panasonic RAWS. But It's a testimony to Canon JPEG supremacy that their JPEG match The Raws in Lightroom. Their JPEGS don't break until ISO1600.

True, yet I can still use ISO1600 in a pinch and produce good small prints, maybe holds up to about a 8x10 print but I haven't tried it.  The color saturation doesn't fade much with rising ISO either and there is very little blotchy color noise with the BSI-CMOS sensor.

I also have a samsung EX1 with a f1.8 lens and CCD sensor, and the SX260 has a lens half as fast at f3.6, yet it can successfully use at least one ISO higher making it just as sensitive as the old enthusiast models.

Yet people say there is no innovation.


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