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I use the Metabones Speedbooster with my Contax Zeiss lenses on the Fuji X-T1. I currently don't own any fuji lenses at all. I'm very happy with the performance in terms of image quality and handling. I have no idea how the canon lenses will perform on the speed booster but I know I'm extremely happy with my zeiss lenses this way. The speed booster pretty much never comes off the fuji and I switch between 7 different contax lenses.

Here are some example shots with the speed booster and the contax lenses. All raw files processed in Photoninja.

X-T1 + Speedbooster + Contax 28mm 2.8 - ISO 640

Stitched Panorama - Fuji X-T1 + Speedbooster + Contax 50mm 1.4 - ISO 200

X-T1 + Speedbooster + Contax 100mm 2.8 - ISO 200

X-T1 + Speedbooster + Contax 100mm 2.8 - ISO 200

X-T1 + Speedbooster + Contax 35mm 1.4 - ISO 2500

X-T1 + Speedbooster + Contax 100mm 2.8 - ISO 200

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