X-T1 overblowing highlights?

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Re: X-T1 overblowing highlights?

mistermejia wrote:

fluxcapacitor wrote:

mistermejia wrote:

Hi Doc!! Yes, my XE1 is also VERY sensitive to highlights. Say, are you shooting in Aperture priority, Shutter, or manual?

Thanks for the replies. I was shooting in Aperture priority mode, then tried fully auto and they all had the same issue.

i had previously read about someone recommending leaving DR set to 400 all the time but I think this forces the camera to use a minimum of iso 800?

So you already tried Multi, Spot, and Average metering modes and you don't see an improvement? Lowering exposure compensation does not help? What lens are you using? Your photo looks very out of focus over all as well.

Does the shutter speed keep selecting a too low speed?

Yes, i suggest setting the camera to auto iso and start with dynamic range 200, then 400 to see what works best. Or Auto DR.

What I also suggest is use an external white balance disk and perform in-camera custom WB. You will also get better results, even if you shoot RAW.

The above image was with the Xf35mm and yes the focus isn't great but it's a problem scene apparently which also made it hard to AF.

kind of annoying when my iphone had no problem focussing or exposing the photo..

The camera was on auto DR at the time.

maybe my metering selector is broken? I can't see any on screen visual representation of where the metering dial is set to and if I leave the camera in a position, change the switch and half-press the shutter. It picks the exact same speed/iso/aperture no matter where the switch is set to

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