I have a passion for photography but I'm lost and stuck in a rut

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I have a passion for photography but I'm lost and stuck in a rut

Ive owned 1 MILC and 2 DLSRS in the past year and a half and each time I buy a new cam, I keep saying to myself that im going to use it and make good use of the money spent on it. Well I do, for the first week or two, then it collects dust on my shelf for the next 6 months and I sell it for cash cause I feel its just a huge chunk of money sitting there wasted and could put it to other things - like bills!

I had a Sony A57 last July, had it for 6.5 months and only used it twice. The first time I used it, wasnt until a full 2 months after I bought it. I sold it for only $75 loss from what I paid and it felt great. I got lucky in getting that good of a return. But immediately I had remorse and I missed having a DSLR so I went and bought a T5i for a very good price. I figured the deal was too good to turn down and this was my last kick at the cat. After playing around with one in store, I was very sold on the UI and touchscreen, I loved it and still do.

Exact same thing has happened, I said I was going to use it because I loved the touchscreen and I did...for the first week or two. But now its been 3 months since I bought it and ive used it twice! The rest of the time its been sitting on my bed. I lift it up every weekend to blow the dust off.

I want to use it and take it out of the house but the thing is, im lost. I take it out, but I dont know what to shoot. Ive tried shooting by myself before and was lost. Ive taught myself on the big 3 (aperture, shutter and ISO) and know what they are and how they work. But i just find it boring to shoot alone. I dont have any friends who are into this stuff either.

I am currentyl a member of about 5 clubs and groups and have attended them in the past. Usually a photo walk or whatever and I dont know what it was...but I found it boring. 1) The people were boring and I couldnt really relate to and 2) the settings in where we were shooting were just disinteresting to me. I just found them boring and a waste of time. What I was directed to shoot was just so meh to me.

My fav is portrait photography. I really dig macros, fish eyes and shallow depth of fields. Everytime I see a shot in those landscapes, it catches my eye.

The dilemna I have is that I still have a passion for taking pictures. Ive used P&S, mirrorless and DSLR and i know 100% DSLR is my style. Im not into hybrids or any camera that does not have an APSC sensor. Its just that whenever I say im going to attend some of the meetups in the photography clubs/groups im in...I dont. I just dont go ahead with it and end up doing something else instead.

So, just because my previous experience in selling my a57 last year was a major PITA and took months. I decided the other day to post my T5i up for sale, just to see if theres any interest. I paid $745CDN with taxes. My asking price was $600, as I figured that was more than fair and without me taking too much of a loss. Basically it would have costed me $150 to own it for 3 months. And turns out, what do you know...I got a reply just today offering to buy it at my asking price.

What im puzzled by is why i immediately miss having a DSLR from when I sold the previous ones in the past. What should I do? I love the camera and dont want to sell it and then immediately regret it and buy another one.

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