Leica T is out, but for who?

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Re: Leica T is out, but for who?

Ever considered Ricoh GXR with M-mount module?

Design apart, only a vastly superior image quality would make the Leica T a better option than the GXR. Okay, maybe the EVF is better on the Leica T - but then again, the GXR has focus peaking to assist the EVF, and the Leica T doesn't. And as far as image quality goes, the M-mount module on the GXR has microlenses specifically designed for Leica M lenses, which I don't think is the case for the Leica T.

(Of course, this only applies if you're happy with manual focus M-lenses. I realize that that is not a self-evident assumption.)

Elden Bishop wrote:

I think it is for me.

I want a small, light, minimalist, well built camera with small, light, high quality lenses and at least APS-C sensor size.

All of the complaints about the camera are fixable over time. Shutter speed, iso performance, focus speed are all body/sensor issues that will be fixed in future cameras. I'm not buying a camera, I'm buying into a lens system. Being a generation back in-body is a non-issue for me when contemplating the viability of a system.

This Leica is everything I hoped the NEX system would be. Aside from price, this Leica is exactly what I wanted when first getting into photography. It also has a huge mount that will easily accept a full frame sensor at some future time.

What you have then is a perfect base for building an amazing camera by a company committed to small high quality lenses.

So I just might buy this thing.

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