Consumer Reports rates Panasonic GX7 top mirrorless camera

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Re: Consumer Reports rates Panasonic GX7 top mirrorless camera

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I'm glad you're happy about this, but CR wouldn't know a good camera if it bit them in the butt. GX7 just MIGHT be the best mirrorless on the market, but I doubt they have any idea why or how it got that way. Trust their judgement on washing machines, but don't rely on their judgement on cameras.

I disagree - I find that they put quite a bit more weight on things like ergonomics, and less weight on stuff that most folks don't care that much about, like the sensor performance at extremely high ISOs.

Could you back this up? I have both print and online subscriptions and am unable to decipher CR's weighing system.

I certainly believe that they bring much more of the average user's perspective to the evaluation than gearhead centric sights like DPReview do. They may not know everything about cameras, but they know much more about what the average person wants in a camera than sites like this one does.

What, specifically, makes you think they know much more about what the average person wants in a camera than DPR? Personally, I think they make it more difficult for the average person to choose when they lump entry level cameras in with much higher priced enthusiast cameras.

I have followed Consumer Reports ratings of cameras for 40 years now.   I have found that the cameras they like are generally speaking, ALWAYS the cameras that are easiest to use and get good results out of.  They don't give points to the sort of features that specialized users and pros care most about - like the ability to fire off bracketed bursts, the ability to change viewfinders, and motor drives and the like.   They have always been ahead of the curve in valuing lightweight, small and straightforward operation over bulk, complexity, and high-end features.   If you know this, and understand this, you can very usefully process what their ratings say related to how YOU will use the product.   For example, see my comments about their rating of the E-PL5 in my most recent prior post in this thread.

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