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Re: XZ-2 Price Change!!!

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Maybe they all finally figured out that the XZ-2 is the best bang for the buck compact fixed lens camera on the market today. I'm sure liking everything so far, and the IQ/sharpness/handling just can't be beat by any other camera this small for less than $300. I hope you are enjoying yours as much as I am mine

It may have been at $299l. It for sure was at the 20% discounted refurbished price of $192 + tax (although I bought an XZ-10 at that same time for $128 + tax instead, because of the smaller size and weight).

It most assuredly is not at $599

I wish I would have seen the XZ-2 at $192 and may gave gotten it, if it came with the same warranty as my new one did. I also thought about the XZ-10 for it's size, but wanted the slightly larger sensor and controls the XZ-2 has. Also, from what I've seen so far, the XZ-10 does not have nearly as good IQ compared to the XZ-2, IMHO. What do you think, are you satisfied with it and do you have any images you care to share? Thanks!

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Those prices were for refurbished cameras, so the warranty was only for three months.  IMHO, the value of a warranty for months 4-12 of a camera's life is, actuarially speaking, worth only perhaps 3-4% of a camera's price at most.  Most of the value of a warranty is against infant mortality type defects.

As for my XZ-10, I haven't really got any shots to show at this point, but the few pics that I did take with it looked fine at ISO 200-400.  I really don't plan to use the camera at anything much higher than that.  My E-PL5 and fast primes would get used for any low light shooting where I cared about quality.

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