Consumer Reports rates Panasonic GX7 top mirrorless camera

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Re: Consumer Reports rates Panasonic GX7 top mirrorless camera

Jim Salvas wrote:

This is good for the GX7, Panasonic and it's supporters.

However, I've come to realize that CR does a much better job of helping people avoid the worst products than it does of picking the best. That's because something which is truly bad is bad for everyone, but what's best depends on individual preference.

For the GX7 and the EM1, for instance, if you value video, there is a clear choice for the GX7. If you value an outstanding viewfinder, the EM1 is your easy choice. and if you value these things, does it matter that one camera or another leads by one rating point?

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Jim Salvas

I take the same approach to CR that you do, but wouldn't think of using this approach for CR's camera ratings.  While it has a longstanding reputation as reputable company that doesn't take advertising, IMO, it has expanded into products where its knowledge is quite limited.

In looking at CR's ratings, the top DSLR is the Canon T5i, which is rated above the D7100, 70D, 7D and K3 (among others).

Among mirrorless cameras, the GX7 is tied for the top rating with the NX30.

As far using CR to avoid the worst products is concerned, the CR ratings suggest that one should avoid the E-PL5, which is rated below the Pentax Q and only one point above the Nikon J1.

Testing methodology is not explained and lumping together entry level and enthusiast cameras also limits the value of the ratings.

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