Which SD cards?

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Re: Which SD cards?

Burst speed and video(unhacked) are completely unaffected by the speed of the memory card for all Panasonic and Olympus cameras except for the new GH4.

Until the GH4, Burst speed and video were designed out of the box to work up to the limit of the slowest class 10 card. Until the GH4 came along buying a faster card wouldn't get you a faster burst speed or better quality video.

When shooting in burst mode it writes the files to the buffer. Then it clears the buffer as fast it can to the memory card. The buffer is a fixed entity. It can’t write any faster to the buffer than the manufactures allow it to. Buying a faster memory card doesn’t change the buffer in your camera.

What a faster memory card will do is clear the buffer faster. Once you fill up the buffer you then have to clear it before taking more full speed burst pictures. A faster memory card will clear the buffer faster.

The only reason the GH4 is different is for video. The 200 mb/sec All-I 1080p @ 60 FPS mode requires a card that is faster than the slowest class 10 card. However, it is not an absolute requirement that you buy one of the new UHS Class III cards. If you get a card that writes faster than 25 MB/sec then it will work in most situations.

However, the UHS class III cards are the only ones that are guaranteed to work. Most higher speed cards won’t have any issues though.

Make sure you know why you are buying a faster card before you buy one. Just because it is faster doesn’t necessarily mean that the camera can take advantage of that.

I have a GH4 by the way and have tested numerous cards with it. The 200 mb/sec mode can fail with some of them. I haven’t had any failures at the 100 mb/sec 4k modes though and I use some really slow memory cards(Eye-Fi).

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