Consumer Reports rates Panasonic GX7 top mirrorless camera

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Re: Consumer Reports rates Panasonic GX7 top mirrorless camera

dougjgreen1 wrote:

Glen Barrington wrote:

I'm glad you're happy about this, but CR wouldn't know a good camera if it bit them in the butt. GX7 just MIGHT be the best mirrorless on the market, but I doubt they have any idea why or how it got that way. Trust their judgement on washing machines, but don't rely on their judgement on cameras.

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I disagree - I find that they put quite a bit more weight on things like ergonomics, and less weight on stuff that most folks don't care that much about, like the sensor performance at extremely high ISOs.

CR doesn't know so much about good ergonomics. That is the problem that they go to direction what is expected by knowledge of average consumer, not as person who knows what to expect.

When it comes to ergonomics between GX7 and E-M1, the Panasonic lose totally. The change can look only to be how pocketable the camera is, but the change is huge in photography manner and speed.

I don't mind what camera they have picked as best. As I made my decision based my needs and what I had available to me.

Thats why I don't so much give worth to these tests other than inform what is out there, as the final decision must come from me and only from my experience.

It is exactly the situation where people run buy stuff what Consumer Reports rates as best, instead testing and valuating products itself. Like if you are out there to get a good camera or lens, rent or borrow or even buy one and test it. Be a careful with the products to maintain their quality so you can return it in perfect condition as you got it in 14-30 days if you didn't like it, or re-sell it with little lower price (Like I did with A7, pay 1599€ for body and then re-sell it two months later for 1499€ without a scratch on it).

It is easy and cheap to actually test gear buying them and then re-selling them with little smaller price. Or do upgrades quickly after new model is presented. That way having a best gear for yourself is very cheap year after year and not at all so expensive as for many when they do upgrades after few years.

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