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Re: Metabones Speed Booster

I've done and posted various tests using that with Canon FD 50 1.2L, 85 1.2L and 100 f/2 - plus one more which I still own! Long story short:

- At 1.2 both lenses lost contrast and sharpness compared to Fuji's 1.4 or 1.2 (23, 35, 56). This was part of the reason I sold them - the other part is the MF and the fact the 56 is so good and fun to use at 1.2.

- Stopped down a bit (not even 1 stop), they are amazingly sharp, sharper than Fuji. I contemplated keeping the 100 f/2 for this reason but then I realized I'm not such a sharp freak and didn't have enough space in my small bag, so I sold it.

- At equivalent apertures to Fuji, with the adapter (not speedbooster), they are brighter - pretty consistently across all lenses - by about 0.5 stops.

For what it's worth, out of all three, I highly recommend the 100 f/2 since, with or without speedbooster, Fuji doesn't yet have the (equivalent) focal length at such large aperture.

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