Consumer Reports rates Panasonic GX7 top mirrorless camera

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SF Photo Gal wrote:

I have a GX7 and I love it, but reviews from Consumer Reports, CNET, and I'm afraid now even DP Review don't matter much to me. So many other blogger reviews that it's the totality of all those other sites that help me make up my mind.

The DPR review was a joke.

For me, the GX7 is what I've been waiting for since I first invested in m4/3.

Same here. When I bought into M4/3, I wanted a compact body like the GF1, but the clip-on EVF was low-res and stuck into the hotshoe killed the compact form and I just didn't like the PENs of the time, so I got a GH2. The GX7 checks most of the must-have boxes for me.

One ergonomic change I'd make to the body would be to extend the grip up toward the top plate, make it a bit beefier and push the shutter release forward and on top of it.

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