The " GOOD ENOUGH" syndrom.......

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The " GOOD ENOUGH" syndrom.......

The " GOOD ENOUGH" syndrom.......

Everyone knows that the market in the capitalistic  world is driven by supply and demand....

if the demand remains high the prices remain also high if the demand goes down and the supply goes up prices go down.

If you look at the sales prices of the D3s you will see... and this in the light of a 12MP Sony a7s

that the technology is still valid and the people are still all over those cameras......

used prices are high.....

same thing but a lot less with the D700... it is quite high for such an old camera.....

I remember back 20 years that cameras were on the market for as long as 10 years..

and demand for used film based bodies was quite high.... the prices were above 50% of the new retail price.

I predict that those times will come back because we are at a point where a lot of people say

i dont need something brand new because spending 3000 $ or more doesnt buy me that

much more quality......

This also leads to higher product lifespan and less models and shorter supply which again drives

prices of used goods up.

I think the landscape of the camera market will change a lot in the next couple of years.....

and the incentive to go 4K video isnt as strong as some companies would wish it to be.....


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