A credible FF rumor???

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Re: A credible FF rumor??? logically

justin23 wrote:

Alex Sarbu wrote:

IMO there really is only one choice: K-mount DSLR. I mean, fully-featured K-mount DSLR.

+ direct migration path from APS-C to "full frame" (many of us already have some compatible lenses, temporarily use APS-C ones in crop mode will work, too)

+ APS-C users not migrating will help by buying "full frame" lenses; and that's a blow against the "new mount is better" scenario.

We didn't had one yet because Hoya.

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That is the issue though. Users want a K mount FF dSLR. Pentax would probably make more money on a brand new mount dSLR. They'd sell more lenses, they'd have no problems with slow focussing lenses, because they'd be all new lenses.

I'm not sure they would sell more lenses this way - with a new mount, they will start with no user base. With K-mount, they will sell to "full frame" buyers as well as APS-C ones.

Even if in the first case people entering the new system would have to buy lenses, I don't think that's enough to offset the fresh start; and definitely can't offset the lack of an APS-C user base. K-mount is by far the most effective choice lens-wise, IMO.

However as you say the people who want FF, want it to be k mount as well, which completely makes sense to me as well. However a k-mount FF camera has its shortfalls as well.

The problem with the whole argument, is people make up things to suit the reasons why a FF camera is needed. I'm in the middle myself and can see the pros and cons. People are basing a lot of the arguments on scenarios that haven't taken place yet, haven't looked like taking place ever and on things like personal buying preferences.

I also don't buy into Hoya was the reason there is no FF camera. If a FF camera was going to make Pentax money, even Hoya would have made one. My guess is it is marginal however you look at it and clearly Pentax are making money on the 645d and z as well as the Q.

I think they were a contributing factor. During Hoya, Pentax lost market share and users, all in the name of protect the precious margins by cost cutting and downsizing; without a large enough user base, there can't be a viable "full frame".

Both these cameras seem to be poorly regarded by anyone who is in the pro FF camera at any cost group of people. Its a generalization, but i bet for those who are most vocal about FF, I could also find a lot of dissent towards the Q and 645 from them also. It is completely understandable if you want something and it doesn't happen, but based on the evidence the Q and 645 are making money for Pentax, enough to bring out follow up cameras and lenses.

I'm trying to be very rational in this whole debate. I understand the migration idea and people will upgrade, but there is very little evidence of that happening in Canon and Nikon world. I saw a figure once which I can't verify right now, but it was something like 1 in every 10,000 Nikon/Canon owners upgrade to FF. Most new FF sales went to FF owners. I'm not sure the whole migration path is as valuable as people think it is.

I bet there are quite a few Pentaxians willing to "migrate"; people with high-end APS-C cameras but wanting for more (not enough to jump ship though). I'm one of them. And we had people here who couldn't wait any longer and jumped ship; this must be stopped.

1 in every 10,000 is very low, could you find a source?

I'm not even sure a new mount is necessary, maybe just SDM/DC only mount, so no screw drive, however there is still a reluctance by many to buy SDM lenses and ultimately Pentax needs to move away from slow focussing screw mounts to in-lens motors. The k-mount legacy as good as it was for many years has a downside and needs to be considered, instead of blindly just saying everyone wants to upgrade etc.

It makes no sense to remove the screw drive from what would be their new K-mount flagship.

And nobody said "everyone wants to upgrade". I will, and I know people who would do it as well; but everyone, I never said that.

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