Consumer Reports rates Panasonic GX7 top mirrorless camera

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i'm finding the ergonomics good

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I'm glad you're happy about this, but CR wouldn't know a good camera if it bit them in the butt. GX7 just MIGHT be the best mirrorless on the market, but I doubt they have any idea why or how it got that way. Trust their judgement on washing machines, but don't rely on their judgement on cameras.

I disagree - I find that they put quite a bit more weight on things like ergonomics, and less weight on stuff that most folks don't care that much about, like the sensor performance at extremely high ISOs.

I certainly believe that they bring much more of the average user's perspective to the evaluation than gearhead centric sights like DPReview do. They may not know everything about cameras, but they know much more about what the average person wants in a camera than sites like this one does.

So the GX7 has the best ergonomics?

Lord no!

I love mine but just about every time I use it for any length of time, I hit the wifi button in error....also often change the focus point accidently too.

I think it could do with a more rounded bottom right corner as well...a bit sharp on my little finger and it sometimes pinches my hand.

In fact, probably the WORST camera ergonomically for me....while I love the look and results and some of its features.

The ergonomics of the GX7 have been working very well for me. The wifi button did get reprogrammed on the first day I had it (to exposure/dof live preview). My only complaint regarding physical design is that I wish the EVF didn't stick out of the body so much, as it makes it more difficult to put it in coat pockets, backpack side pockets, etc. (and, of course, there are the usual Panasonic annoyances with an otherwise very good firmware, like the lack of auto-ISO in M mode, etc.)

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