Consumer Reports rates Panasonic GX7 top mirrorless camera

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Sean Nelson
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Re: Consumer Reports rates Panasonic GX7 top mirrorless camera

Glen Barrington wrote:

I'm glad you're happy about this, but CR wouldn't know a good camera if it bit them in the butt.

Most of the people on this forum are knowledgeable enough about cameras to form opinions based on their own needs, and as such don't need to rely on CR. But CR looks at cameras in the same way that most "lay" consumers do, in terms of capabilities, usage and apparent results. So while this may not matter that much to most of the people here, IMHO it's a pretty good indication that Panasonic is making the kind of camera that can compete in the larger marketplace. And since most of Panasonic's revenue comes from there, it's a good thing for us too.

One thing for sure, I'd advise anyone to pay more faith in CR than to a typical camera store salesperson, which is probably where most camera buyers get their info.

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