Bokeh comparison between Sigma, Otus and Nikkor 58mm

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fools and photographers

jintoku wrote:

ebuddha wrote:

I do not own any of the 6 lenses, but from looking at the comparisons presented, I'm not sure why anyone would get anything but the Sigmas.

+1. Honestly, if the $1,700 Nikon lens produced the sample images we've seen from the Sigma, and vice versa, nobody would try to argue for buying the Sigma for anything but budget reasons. I don't mean to be disrespectful but these vague claims of bokeh and rendering advantages of Nikon and Zeiss 35mm and 50mm lenses reminds me of astrology or homeopathy talk.

On the mountain range behind our place people get lost and in the dark and without a light they keep walking. Fortunately they usually damage an ankle or fall and break an arm and its enough to make them stop and think that if it wasn't for the luck of being injured ...that they could have walked off the edge. So let me ask ...why is it that you have an opinion of something that you can't see, that you dont even own the torch and that you are happy to walk off the edge when in fact you dont have a clue. How is it you formed this expert opinion without even doing anything, is it from looking at these absurd lens tests because they are not how anyone buys a lens although I expect some do. It is possible I suppose that for general use photography these tests are of use and a general use photographer needs to ask no more than that or maybe its just a simple matter of what he can afford. When it is a matter of money we see childish reference to "rich people" which is the way children speak. When an adult speaks they are referred to as wealthy and to lump all wealthy people together is as senseless as a child is allowed. The irony is that all the zeiss, including the otus are cheaper than the most desirable nikkors and even the Leica's that many of us think are even second to a zeiss on a nikon ...its right in front of you, in all the price lists available but still you lot walk off the edge of the cliff like a fool.

In my occupation today I have need to report on something that I have an opinion of but the matter is unsupported by any data. The opinion needs to be explored for the potential that exists and so I have to take this document elsewhere to have it verified by a qualified opinion and whether or not is it something that warrants further examination and testing. So how the hell do you get off with this rubbish. Is it that is the internet, that it is a stupid place where no fool has to fear to tread.

To a photographer a lens exhibits something that he sees and his interest is pipped but you dont see anything and obvious to every zeiss owner that you have no experience of a single zeiss either and made more evident by your lack of photographs that there may even be more to doubt of the doubter.

Since your time here on dpr I have seen your blind opinion of zeiss and has always been as it is here and noting more and there are many more just like you and one born every minute it would seem. For all this time then you never thought once, not even once to find out for yourself. Don't you have respect for yourself and moreso don't you have any respect for anyone else, do you feel it is ok to play the fool and play at the edge without a clue or a torch. All this time you have been doing this when in the mountains you would already be dead.


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