K-01: Jeckyll & Hyde.

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K-01: Jeckyll & Hyde.

I picked up a cheap nice used cam and have taken it out over the last few days. It made an interesting comparison after using my DSLR's and my recent 'ben hur' post about mirror less.

Interface: Same as all other Pentax cams, so very easy and it is one of those things I enjoy about staying within the family.

Handling: Not to bad, I grew up with SLR's, but I did find I missed few shots because my finger wasn't on the shutter button properly. The grip is smaller, but I didnt find it bothersome, just that the Pentax K DSLR's are just so darn good. Not having a viewfinder was ok, as I'm also use to smartphones, but I felt confused with a brick in my hand and wanting to look thru the viewfinder, but that's just a learning curve.

Screen: Just not up to scratch, and when I first went out with my white Red Bull shirt on....oops just a joke. The reflection and bright sun was almost impossible to judge what I'd taken. Guess a bit like the film days right?? My smart phone is more modern and the screen so much better in terms of bright days.

Auto focus: A mixed bag......when it hits, the pictures are so sharp!! This must be because of the mirror less not having to micro adjust and hits perfect focus. The first few I took where with Sigma 50 f1.4(not the new version) and the pictures definitely DID NOT need sharpening. It has sold me on mirror less for that reason. However, the AF system seemed to miss a few times in what I would have thought easy situations. Are the auto focus points too large? This was disappointing.

Image Quality: There is something about the K-01 that seems magical.....my partner sent me a few shots at work via email, just details in the garden....WOW!! Is it the mirror less advantage...I think so, just so crisp and uses the lenses to fullest sharpness and advantage.

Build Quality: It's a Pentax, what more do I need to say......

So, my question on the earlier thread has been answered, I think mirror less will give more consistent results, just need a modern version with bang on AF and it's a winner. Perhaps the A7r body with Pentax lenses? although still not sure if the AF?

What it's good at / what it's not: I would happily use this indoors and in a studio situation and I know a couple of pro's who have. I am going to use it for time lapse at weddings, which should be an easy task.

However, it's not a sports camera, be prepared possibly for a few missed focus and I even found still, close ups and my partner posing not far away, it missed once or twice because of the focus points. Just a little getting use to.......

Pentax K-01
16 megapixels • 3 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Feb 2, 2012
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