My 58mm f1.4 review (on Df and D4). Shots and experience in the field, not test chart review.

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A lens properly used

It is great to read a review from someone who actually used a lens, and moreover, used it for what it was intended to do.

Charts and measurements are interesting - up to a point. In the end, the core of the issue is whether a lens (or a camera) actually does what it was built to do, and if it does it well or not.

At Nikons press event here where I live (Sweden) one of the first things the Nikon representative said about this lens was basically "Here are some good new for wedding photographers ..."

Thank you for your good work!

Huckles wrote:

Hi guys,

after the great response to my Df review, here is a review of the 58mm f1.4.

I have shot thousands of images already with it, mostly at Weddings. So my thoughts were more centred not around if it was better than the existing 50's (or by how much), but how did it compare to my favourite portraiture lens, the 85mm f1.4 G.

There are plenty of reviews out there comparing 50's but this is just an extra opinion.



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