Playing with camera settings on the G1X MkII

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Playing with camera settings on the G1X MkII

Got home from work, and decided to walk over to the farm next door to really play around with the in-camera settings.  No RAW, just JPG.  Prior to that, I went into the camera menu, and set the movie button to change Metering Mode, and the shortcut button to AEL (Auto Exposure Lock).  Those are two settings that I often use for quickly adjusting exposure in challenging lighting conditions where judging and changing Exposure Compensation takes too long.

I wanted to get saturated, but still realistic, color out of the camera, with no post-processing and no use of RAW.  I love color, especially flowers, sunsets, landscapes, etc.  I also wanted to shoot some some macro, some wide landscape (24mm), and some zoomed in (120mm) landscape.

It's very cool, and almost fall-like today (even though it's spring), so the sky is clear and blue, and the clouds bright white with good definition.  A good evening to play with color and the G1X MkII.

It seems that the optimal lens sharpness runs between f/4 and f/7.1.  Sharpness at other apertures is still very good, but this range seems to be the sweet spot.  For macro, f/2.8 is a nice balance between sharpness and nice background bokeh.  The Vivid setting in My Colors seems to do a nice job when shooting flowers and landscapes, with good saturation and sharpness.  And as I mentioned before, assigning the custom function buttons to metering and AEL makes those functions quick to access when shooting.  The hinged LCD is great - being able to shoot st ground level brings a different perspective to shots.  I'm pleased with some of the shots I took with these settings, and will continue to explore and play with the G1X MkII.

Macro of a dandelion, shot new Minimum Focus Distance.

100% crop of that same dandelion.  There is some blur and ghosting towards the back of the flower, but keep in mind that this flower head is only the about the size of a quarter, and I was shooting wide open.

Landscape, with things finally greening up.  I metered against the sky, using my AEL to lock the exposure, then recomposing to taste.  Sharpness is pretty good here, at least in my opinion.  And colors, again, nicely saturated using the Vivid setting, without looking overdone and artificial.

Zoomed in at 120mm.  This image is my least favorite.  It's sharp enough, but the sky is oversaturated.  When zooming in on subjects relatively close, the lens at 120mm does well with great definition.  But as with image, where the subject matter is a quarter mile away, I'm not so sure about it's quality.  I'm pushing what the zoom is really meant for here, and I typically wouldn't use the zoom for this type of shot, but it's still interesting to see how far I can push it.

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