What ISO to keep on A mode?

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Tom Axford Veteran Member • Posts: 5,357
Re: Typically ISO 100 with caveats

D Cox wrote:

You will only get the best image quality at ISO 100 if you are using a tripod. Even a tiny amount of motion blur takes the edge off.

That statement astonishes me!

For many years I (and many others) used films of ISO 25 (and below) and rarely used a tripod outdoors in good light. It often did require some care and concentration to ensure that the camera was held steady, but getting tack sharp images certainly did not require a tripod.

With a little care, it is possible to get very sharp images at speeds down to 1/125 (for standard focal length) and with some extra care and concentration, speeds down to 1/25 should not be difficult. With a bit of practice (and something to lean against) it is quite possible to go down to 1/8 or thereabouts.

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