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Re: A credible FF rumor, NOT

ChristophBarthold wrote:

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ChristophBarthold wrote:

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ChristophBarthold wrote:

I don't think this is a rumour at all. In various very guarded interviews last year Pentax have all but confirmed that a ff camera is in the pipeline subject to a few stipulations:

1) They don't want it, but alas the market seems to demand it

2) It will come after the 645Z

3) It will be bold and different

4) It will not be allowed to cut significantly into APS-C/K3 sales, which is still bread and butter business

Interpretations are a bit subjective, and based on translations from a foreign language. I wouldn't put much weight on those points.

Except for 2), which is an accomplished fact. But 3) is IMO way overrated (even the K-3 is different than the competition!).

To me that only leaves two options open.

Either they take the high road and leap frog past full format with a mirrorless 645 using the electronic innards of the K3 with the sensor of the 645Z thus being able to use any Pentax lens from k mount to 645 and 67.

Won't happen.

Who would buy an expensive medium format camera to use it with adapted small format lenses, in crop mode? What's the business plan here, try to sell a $8500 camera to people having old K-mount lenses?

I haven't done the math, but that'll be a 30+mega pixel ff camera when used with k mount lenses. So what is the problem? Plus you can use all 645 and 67 lenses from Pentax and depending on how they design the mount (adapters) any other manufacturer's lenses too.

James O'Neill already answered this question - I subscribe to his points.

We've seen this happen with m4/3, Fuji and Sony the minute they went mirrorless.

Seen what, a very expensive mirrorless camera with a medium format sensor? Nope, I didn't.

Option two, they taka the low road by offering a relatively cheap camera like the Sony A7 with a mirror/pentaprism but stripped of live view, video, auto focus etc. to offer an atractive manual focus only camera that will get the attention from older dslr users of any brand that secretly long for a camera with a viewfinder as nice as they were thirty years ago...

Won't happen.

It will have very limited appeal, thus niche, thus expensive. Yes, stripping features can raise the price of a product.

By some definition any camera costing substantially over €$ 1000 is a niche product, so what. The market is diversifying.

The "full frame" market is just a fraction of the ILCs, the last thing Pentax/Ricoh wants is to make a product which is too niche.

It won't serve the customers willing to spend lots of money on a Pentax "full frame" system.

That is the real niche within a niche. Pentaxians willing to spend LOTS of money for full frame.

Wasn't it about people hoping that stripping features from a camera would make it cheaper, a good companion for their old K-mount lenses?

In contrast with customers willing to spend money on modern, fully featured products and new autofocus lenses.

Better you come up with a reasonable camera at a reasonable price point with great appeal accross brands. And believe me, a camera designed specifically for manual focus (no pdaf to darken the view finder) will appeal to a fair amount of users from Canon, Nikon, Sony/Minolta and of course Pentax. And it won't require a slew of new lenses uponn release either.

Sorry, I won't take your word for that. I can't think of it being anything but a very small niche, and even so the key point is "reasonable price point" which really means "do it much cheaper than the competition and it might work".

Either camera woild be substantially new and unique. The first option will hardly be realized below €$ 5000 while option two might be feasible at €$ 1500 - without taking anything from the APS-C sales as these cameras would appeal to completely different segments of the market.

Just my two cents.



I read what you say with quickly diminishing alacrity. I have no idea what you are on about. You sound like someone without any imagination.

Oh, I have plenty of imagination; but in this case, I would rather not let it run wild. After all, what we're discussing here are likely course of actions for Pentax.

By the way, those are interesting words from someone who's only seeing two options open

I laid out what Pentax management have said publicly and tried to make sense of it in terms of a product that will fit with those few morsels of information. You on the other hand have so far said: nothing.

Why are you upset? I'm not accusing you of anything, just saying people should be careful and not put too much weight on nuances that are most likely lost or added in translation.

Even the nice people who translated Japanese interviews won't claim absolute accuracy, and Japanese is indeed difficult to translate. I'm wary of anything that isn't human translated direct quote, the inaccuracy levels piles up quickly.

3) in particular - the "different" part - was often used to support the innovative-Sony-mirrorless-copy scenario, on the principle that "it's different so it can't be a K-mount DSLR". Yet I had no such feeling when reading the interviews; on the contrary, they said it will be a DSLR and that backward compatibility is an important asset.


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