The reason why the Nikon series 1 works well despite all the blah blah blah....

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Re: If it works so well then why (1) redesign it each year, and (2) 50% off or more

rayman 2 wrote:

the system is not redesigned just some of the controls, layouts and in case of the V3 the accessory

fider and mini sd card is...

which actually makes sense if you look into it closely because you can mount your cards in smartphones and tablets directly...

Not completely. No mini SD/micro SD card with any iOS device. Adapter available from Apple for SD cards.

This is an advantage if you have an Android or Windows Mobile device with a micro/mini SD card.

To any user with multiple SD cards or a computer with a SD card slot, this is a step away from universal access.

The V3 announcement and the micro/mini SD card choice was the trigger for a second V2 camera body (bought used). I would have accepted the micro/mini SD card IF the V3 had both a SD and  mini/micro SD card slots.

and you can make a smaller unit without finder out of the system and since the finder is part of the system it can be updated with a newer and better version


The V3 EVF with it's double lock seems to be a well engineered finder.

I hope Nikon will use this design as a universal accessory EVF... maybe for the P8000, future Nikon A cameras, or a mirrorless Nikon DX camera body.

Now if Nikon standardize battery and charger designs...

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