Thinking of getting nikon 28-300, How good is it

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Re: Thinking of getting nikon 28-300, How good is it

Araldite wrote:

Going overseas later in year, thinking of getting this lens, cruising along the rine, castles in the distance as long as riverside shots. Might take a 20 mm or 24 mm for around the towns when I have time to change lens


I almost did that myself....but went a different route, which ended up being better for me personally, but might not be better for you.
By carrying this lens, but keeping the 24mm in the bag to be able to switch out if 28mm is not wide enough you are covering your bases....BUT....I find that for me personally I use the wide and normal end 90% of the time...and rarely need the long stuff.  So, it would also work to get a zoom that covers more of the wide end and carry an additional lens for the longer end to attach if you need longer
So, another option (the option I chose to go with) is to get a Nikon 24-85mm and a Tamron 70-300 Vc
When I'm walking around, hiking, sight-seeing, etc.........I very very rarely find myself needing anything longer than 85mm.....but I do quite often find myself needing 24mm and something starting at 28mm just wouldn't do for me.
The combination of the two lenses, is still about the same price as the 28-300mm lens......but they are both sharper throughout the entire focal range.
The only disadvantage is weight.....although they are quite a bit lighter than some of the fast zooms like the 14-24mm f/2.8, 24-70mm f/2.8 or 70-200mm f/2.8...the two combined would still be a little more weight than just carrying the 28-300.
However, the advantages are:
1.) You gain the range from 24-28mm that you are missing with the other.

2.) You are getting quite a bit sharper images at every focal length from 24mm-300mm with those two lenses than with the 28mm-300mm.

Now, if you find yourself shooting above 85mm a lot more than I that you are changing back and forth between the two lenses a might not be worth it....but I gotta say...I've been very happy with this combination as my light travel combo.

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