Please recommend older a-mount body for daughter

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Re: Please recommend older a-mount body for daughter

Moredsir wrote:

Calico Jack wrote:

Keep it simple and let her become more confident whilst you tutor her on the basics before making any further investment. Just my 2 doubloons worth.

Kinda what I was thinking, she doesn't need bells and whistles, and in fact if I could buy the alpha digital equivalent of my old Zenit fully manual monster I'd probably get her get that. I want her to have control, not let the camera do it for her. She's already learned to shoot at a basic level, she now needs to keep it up, work on good composition, and not become an iphone/instagram photographer

BTW, I'm not pushing her to do it, she is interested.

Even with the EVF and focus peaking she would still have plenty of control with an SLT. Despite the advantages that we get with the SLT design you still get people on here having basic problems. So either way she'll still have to know basic photographic principles to get the most out of it. If you want some thing cheap a used A58 would give all of the advantages of a modern camera without the bells and whistles of the upper level models. The A37 or 57 would also be good choices. But if you go with one of the older DSLRs an A350, A700 or A580 might be good choices. If it weren't for some mechanical issues with my A350 I might still be using it today. An A700 would give her a cheap semi-pro model and an A580 would give her video. However they may seem less advanced than the D3100 she was learning on.

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Good luck and happy shooting!

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