Ken Rockwell - most hated guy in Photography?

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Re: because KR "humiliated" Gear-Heads in DPR with this articles

brownie314 wrote:

ApertureAcolyte wrote:

007peter wrote:

brownie314 wrote: I see so many people talk badly about Ken Rockwell. Why do so many pe-s leople hate this guy. But - this guy has a massive database of equipment that he has reviewed - with all of this information available for FREE! He doesn't charge anyone to view all of his equipment reviews.

Exactly, if you don't like KR's review, go to another SITE (I do). I enjoy'r KR's blog, but I don't enjoy this over-simplified-review. I think his review lacks depth (this is a valid criticism). Having said that, KR is an inspiration to me, in that he encourage everyone to Be a Photographer, rather than a Gear Heads. I like that FACT he also called most professional photographers actually shoot JPEG for a living, its the computer-geek who is in love with raw editing.

I like his lens comparisons. He has 100% crops from lenses that are in the same class - and lenses that are much more expensive compared to ones that are not - all possible combinations of comparisons. Maybe he is not as scientific as say, DXO - but still I think effective. I know I purchased an old ai-s lens on his advice - and it turned out to be of excellent optical quality - and very cheap.

Meh...I've seen better, but he has useful old Nikon manual focus lens review that others lacks

He also is the first person to say that all of this reviewing of equipment is BS and you should just go make images with what you have - which is exactly in agreement with what most people on here think. So tell me - why is this guy so hated.

Bingo, that is EXACTLY IT! KR called out the Equipment-Measurbator in his article called

7 Levels of Photographer

Equipment Measurbator: Bottom Level 1 ("Hell")

These folks have analysis paralysis and never accomplish anything. Does poring over a microscope analyzing test images have anything to do with photographing a Joshua tree at dawn? Of course not. Even worse, time wasted concentrating on tests is time not spent learning useful aspects of photography and certainly time that could have been better spent actually photographing.....

Online Expert: Level 0 (they don't take pictures so they aren't a level of photographer.)

This level never existed before the internet, because cameras were never as exciting as sports cars or missiles for men to research.....The Internet is ablaze with these guys. Forums and chat rooms are loaded with them. Photographers don't have the time for forums. We have more photography to do than time to do it.

You should propose to him, really.

Not if I get there first!

Seriously - what grade are you in? Did an older boy tell you to say that?

Fine, you want the adult version?

To suggest someone is beyond all criticism is sycophancy of the worst kind and shows an utter lack of judgement.

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