Do you think Canon will take on the A7?

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Re: This is how it's gotta go down...

Robert Newman wrote:

Canon's sensor technology is just fine. They do not need to buy from Sony.

Well, for sure, "need" is a strong word.  But there's something to be said for a sensor that has 36 MP vs 22 MP and two stops more DR at base ISO that likely appeals to quite a few people.

Otherwise, there are other mirrorless choices other than FF that already exist.

As for the other features, I think Canon can figure that out...

I would like to think so, but how long did others have something as simple as Auto ISO before Canon put that little feature in?

...but one thing that keeps me away from a7 and a7R is the noisy shutter. It makes it useless for shooting a quiet wedding ceremony or other event without becoming intrusive. Canon can fix that.

Indeed.  I imagine Sony and Nikon could, too.

Four primes and a couple of zooms are fine, but they do not all have to arrive at once.

If they don't come all at once, people might think along the lines of Canon's EOS-M, which they seem to have all but abandoned.  Some indication of commitment from Canon on the new mount would be important, I would think.

The EVF is very important. I would like to see 4K video as well and two card slots.


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