Ken Rockwell - most hated guy in Photography?

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You sound like you are KR himself! ;-)

Hi Brownie314,

sorry if you are genuine, but the tone of the message sounds really a lot like what KR himself would write ("massive database", "available for free") if he wanted to boost traffic to his site a bit  Sorry.

Is KR hated?  Not by me.  He is a geek with a childish mind, and as you say, often produces solid reviews (though of course he also does produce "fake" reviews where a product has just come out and he writes all the "I can do this with it, yeepee!", or "I love to use this or that lens on mine" when he doesn't own one yet

And I like that fact that he is generally neutral i.e. he will write things like "don't bother w the 70-200 f2.8 as the f4 will be good enough for most situations and is cheaper and lighter", or "this mid-level DSLR is all the camera you need", when other sites are mostly only pushing you to buy more and more expensive gear.

And he has accumulated a lot of gear-independent advice, and that's better than what most others have done (Reichmann has written quite a lot also).

Yes he DOES make money on click-thrus, just like many others - but he is not owned by Amazon (like DPR) or has direct business links with DPR or Amazon (like DxO, like SLR gear, etc.).

Yes he does contradict himself at times, but not on the fundamental stuff.

His photos?  I often enjoy his landscapes.  I find that his portraits are generally quite poor and I can't really figure out why because the guy knows photography, knows his gear, and when he photographs his kids i.e. he cares, he should be able to do soooo much better but no he turns out some snapshot.

So that's that - a fun, often useful geek.  Of course I never bought anything from his links, nor did I ever make a donation.  Why?  Because (1) I could easily live w/o any of the KR site so I don't really care whether he stays in business or not, (2) he seems to have way enough money and so certainly doesn't need mine,  (3) being the geek that he is I bet he would continue with this site even if he made no money at all from it (which was the case in the early days of course).

brownie314 wrote:

I see so many people talk badly about Ken Rockwell. Why do so many pe-s leople hate this guy. I have looked through some of his photography - and frankly I don't think his style appeals too much to me, and probably not to a lot of you either.

But - this guy has a massive database of equipment that he has reviewed - with all of this information available for FREE! He doesn't charge anyone to view all of his equipment reviews. I like his lens comparisons. He has 100% crops from lenses that are in the same class - and lenses that are much more expensive compared to ones that are not - all possible combinations of comparisons. Maybe he is not as scientific as say, DXO - but still I think effective. I know I purchased an old ai-s lens on his advice - and it turned out to be of excellent optical quality - and very cheap.

He also is the first person to say that all of this reviewing of equipment is BS and you should just go make images with what you have - which is exactly in agreement with what most people on here think.

So tell me - why is this guy so hated.

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