Ken Rockwell - most hated guy in Photography?

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Re: because KR "humiliated" Gear-Heads in DPR with this articles

007peter wrote:

7 Levels of Photographer

Equipment Measurbator: Bottom Level 1 ("Hell")

These folks have analysis paralysis and never accomplish anything. Does poring over a microscope analyzing test images have anything to do with photographing a Joshua tree at dawn? Of course not. Even worse, time wasted concentrating on tests is time not spent learning useful aspects of photography and certainly time that could have been better spent actually photographing.....

While I'm not keen on that term, it does fit someone who infected the Canon forums a year or two ago. His every post was nasty and insulting towards Canon users because of the sensors in their cameras. He posted a large photo of a sheep to the forum near the end of his visits.

I was able to use his dpreview ID to locate him at one of the online photo gallery sites. His posted photos consisted of:

1. Photo of his new Nikon camera with its wonderful sensor

2. Photo or other reproduction of the DXo chart showing how good his camera's sensor was

3. A couple photos of (apparently) his family sitting around looking bored at an airport or some other public waiting area.

4. A photo of a half-eaten KFC pot pie with the caption 'Yum!'.

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