Please recommend older a-mount body for daughter

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Re: Please recommend older a-mount body for daughter

JusLookN wrote:

Let her decide! You have found two choices and you're telling her that they are for continuing with the lenses you already have. She's the one that will be using it. Don't stun her learning process! I would actually get the A-700, and when She decides she wants an EVF, then you get her one. Her only limiting factor already is high ISO. And, depending on what you both shoot, it still will be! This is just my opinion.I'm waiting for mine(daughter) to say she is interested in shooting DSLR/DSLT. She has the Panny point and shoot mastered.

Agree involve her.  But do not let the set in the ways crowed here layer on the "OVF / EVF" discussions.  Odds are she will be more adaptable than many here and take to what she is given... I would not get an A700.. not even live view..

My daughter is 10 and I replaced the KM5D which was too big for her younger hands with a Nikon J1 and she is taking great images.. with no viewfinder.. just decent live view.. And yes when she opened the camera.. she put it up to her eye.. then she moved on.

You didn't mention and age.. but odds are she will adapt better than most of us older types to what ever you offer her.. but think about what else she might be using in her life that has small screens etc.  I would get at least a live view a-mount and try for an SLT.

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