NX 50-200 OIS report

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NX 50-200 OIS report

After getting a concensus on the NX 50-200 (which concluded that samples were very varied indeed and it could be good for the cash if not a dud sample ) and finding a used one for £70 which is cheap enough if decentered or soft , I thought I`d report on my findings for the record.

Firstly the build - it`s in a different league entirely to the flimsy cheap feeling Nikon 55-200VR or the canon 55-250 and more like the solid, smooth handling Panasonic 45-200, a definate quality build .This one is a MK1 original with the OIS switch and the OIS was like the Panasonic 45-200 also - better than the Nikon`s VR but not rock stable like a Panny 100-300 or the various canons . This lens is running on Firmware 0.04 so probably is well overdue for an update . I`ll do that and report back . anyway the lens build exceeds expectations at its price..

Thankfully optically this isn`t decentered but at the wide end can see why a decentered one would be awful because the lens gets a bit soft at the edges wide open at 50mm (Both edges on mine) so if it`s all lopped over to one side (as in a decentered lens) it could cover 1/8-1/4  of the frame at one side . the 200mm end is even edge to edge (edges as good as the middle) wideopen ..

Sharpness - at 50mm even F4 it`s very sharp indeed and contrast is fine .. at 200mm there`s a severe loss of contrast (which doesn`t help the AF on a dull day like today) and makes the images look softer than they otherwise would . with the contrast adjusted in photoshop, I`d say the lens was OK at 200mm wideopen even at infinity - again like the Panny 45-200 , not critically sharp wideopen but sharp enough to be better than 100mm upsized and to warrant taking the lens out ..

I noticed that due to the OIS`s less than sterling performance at 200mm at 125th sec , the number of keepers wasn`t too good and that was on an NX20 with the EVF jammed into my mug, it`d be game overl on a small 200/300/1100 etc . I upped the ISO to 200 to get the below sample sharp ........... Again, it could be the early firmware in this Mk1 sample not helping but it may go some way to explaining why many report the lens soft at 200mm as could slight AF misses down to contrast loss..

So .. this is optically a good one, Shame this lens doesn`t have the sample consistency of the 20-50mm kit lens and the Primes as its well made and worthy given straight optics.

Samples Wideopen - full 20Mp images - RAW developed in Capture One .. Both shot at Infinity in dull light (worst case scenario) ....... Click Original to see full size

50-200 - 50mm F4  , infinity

50-200mm 200mm F5.6

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