Bokeh comparison between Sigma, Otus and Nikkor 58mm

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Re: Bokeh comparison between Sigma, Otus and Nikkor 58mm

fpessolano wrote:

I understand zeiss going for 85 as that is the weakest (for my taste) of their lenses when compared to the 100, the 21 and (for me) the wonderful 135.

Looking at nikon, if they would choose based on topics status the 100-150 range would be the one to do as it feels the weakest in the line. But they do things their own way based on their unique marketing perspective (*irony here*).

Still they could bring the 58 character in a new 105DC or 135DC, that would be interesting.

Luckily this thread has 140 count already

Sigma ... strange choice to go 24 as they have the 35. Maybe they prefer to put some time between zeiss and themselves. The range 14-25 does not strike me as a high volume market and the quality there is already very high (even with a decent low cost samyang).

Just a pity nobody is looking at a new fish eye ...

Samyang can do excellent lenses. I read about sample variation with this one. Whether it relates to some parts used in this lens or more to just early production is hard to tell. Let’s not forget though that for many the autofocus is a must. Further, I expect nothing less than another excellence from the Art 24. Btw, what’s got to me, and that will surprise you just as me, today Thom Hogan mentioning "At least two that I know of, and I think three" (Fx lenses this year) goes then on: The four FX lenses I keep hearing about: 24mm f/1.4, new 28-300mm, 135mm DC replacement without DC, and 300mm f/4 replacement. I also keep hearing that work has proceeded on a new PC-E, which would have to be the 17mm, I think.. - so there you go, a 24mm lens, of which 1.4G version is relatively new.

On a more serious note (don’t know how serious Thom was), 24mm is one of the key FLs, right on the border between UWA and WA.

The 135 update is highly anticipated release from Nikon and my guess in the past. I think they will be pushed to make this FL more 200/2 VR ll style than DC, so sharp with plenty of Nikkor character. Sigma confirmed recently they will make 135/1.8 at some point. I wouldn’t expect more lenses of the 58/1.4G style. Nikon’s own wording about it doesn’t hint that way, and this special lens wouldn’t be, after all, that special. But interesting it would be, especially on the forums;-)

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