Looking for catch light suggestions for Portraits

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Looking for catch light suggestions for Portraits

Hi all.

I am looking for catch light suggestions.

I currently use Canons wireless radio speed light system with the transmitter sitting in the camera hot shoe.

I move around a lot when shooting so don't use a tripod.

My key light is a speed light shooting into an umbrella at 45 degrees from the talent.

I use a speed light for the backdrop and reflectors for under chin and fill light.

I use a constant LED for the hair light.

I want to get more catch light in the eyes.

I thought maybe a ring light attached to the camera?

Is a camera attached ring light the best option to create a nice catch light when moving around?

And if so Is there one that attaches to the body thread of the camera and has either batteries or draws power from the camera?

My lens is the 70-200 mm so I thought maybe mount it to the base of the camera and have it residing on the lend hood?

Thanks everyone.

Flat view
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