Any current/former EM5 or EM1 owners considering a switch to XT-1?

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Re: Any current/former EM5 or EM1 owners considering a switch to XT-1?

Daiken wrote:

I've been considering it but I'm hesitant for three main reasons. One, I'm afraid of giving up the size of the MFT format. I chose the format because I emphasized portability over all else. Second, all the lenses I'm looking for aren't out yet, particularly the 16-55 f2.8 lens which I hear is going to be quite large. And three, at the lowest ISO settings, I'm seeing MFT being a lot sharper than Fuji image samples which has me a bit worried. The high ISO is nice, but I do most of my shooting at low ISO settings. Plus everyone on the Fuji forum seems afraid to ever upload full size image samples so I can't pixel peep.

I have a X-E1 since a few weeks and a m4/3 setup. The X-E1 was very cheap (€400) with the 18-55mm (I went out to buy a EVF for my PM2 and came home with a camera with EVF and a great kit lens for roughly the same amount) The 18-55 is a great lens much better then any m4/3 kit zoom, very near to the 12-35 or 12-40.

Yes the X trans has less noise but after careful processing they are really equal even when pixel peeping to the max. Thinking Xtrans is a step up from recent 16mp m4/3 is an illusion and even if there is a small step to be gained it is not easy to obtain it. ACR doesn't have it, the JPG's are nice but not great with detail, Photo Ninja is super in detail but can create artefacts (false detail, pixel errors, pink moire) and Lightzone is great for detail, but not for exposure/levels so needs a second round of lightroom.

I do love taking pictures with the X-E1, but so do I with my PM2 with 20mm and gh2 with 7-14mm....

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