Thinking of getting nikon 28-300, How good is it

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Re: Thinking of getting nikon 28-300, How good is it

Araldite wrote:

Going overseas later in year, thinking of getting this lens, cruising along the rine, castles in the distance as long as riverside shots. Might take a 20 mm or 24 mm for around the towns when I have time to change lens


It's a really nice lens as long as you keep it at f/8 and lower. If you shoot at f/3.5 and f/5.6 you'll be so disappointed you'll wonder why you bought the lens. It has a hot spot in the middle when shot wide open and it basically looks horrible. However, at f/8 and lower, it's quite nice and sharp as a tack. I did a comparison shot between the 28-300 set at 180mm f/11 and a Hasselblad CFV 180mm f/4 at f/11. The 28-300 was sharper and resolved more detail at 100% pixel peeping. Quite nice. However, medium format lenses were always considered less sharp than their 35mm counterparts, so I was probably seeing that.

Overall, it's a nice lens. I wouldn't give it up. Since there are other threads about 28-300, you may have already seen these pictures I took with the lens.

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