Oly 17mm 1.8, Oly 25mm 1.8 or the sigma 19mm?

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Re: Oly 17mm 1.8, Oly 25mm 1.8 or the sigma 19mm?

amalric wrote:

broody wrote:

The Sigma 19mm is a fairly good value. AF operation is fast and silent. Build quality of both the old and new version is more than goof enough for its cost. Its only weakness is an average amount of chromatic aberration. And I found the 2.8 aperture can't keep up for indoors shooting.

IMO if you're eyeing a wider than normal lens, the best thing you can do is wait a few weeks until the 15mm Panasonic Leica is released, because it appears to be nicest wide lens yet.

I haven't see any chromatic aberration so far - other than that little all m4/3 lenses have.

As for indoors shooting the claim relents of the amateur. When you have ISO 3200 + IBIS one must be really clumsy not to get a shot in good light. Or else, if it's bad, learn speedlights, which give more control than everything else, and are never short of LIGHT.

There is a considerable waste of money made on lenses in this forum, where the pecking order is laughable, because the basics are ignored.

i agree totally...thinking an investment in an FL36r or comparable light (a good used one perhaps - and I've been having a great deal of fun learning mine, which costs 1/6 the price of a 25mm lens) rather than an expensive lens, would make a great deal of difference for one's own shooting indoors, and yes there are places that don't allow flash...but the new sensors are very good at high ISO. Using added lighting, and not depending on blurred backgrounds (and yes it can be a technique but...) for composition of course demands some learning, and it seems many want a camera with legs that can walk around and take pictures by itself... Sometimes it seems for everything gained something is lost.

I also find my 19 has very little CA, and the quick focusing is wonderful, but sometimes zone focusing it is more wonderful (if a person wants to take photos rather than ultimately sharp technological masterpieces), which can be done easily with any of the wider lenses at somewhat narrower apertures (and even indoors for action,especially kids or pets, with a stronger flash)...as I know you are also aware of. Too bad so many others are not.

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