A taste of Cuba / D800. Lots of pics.

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Re: Comment on '55 and '56 GM vehicles!

Gene J. Paull wrote:


I'm joining this thread late. Got linked to it by a 28-300 thread. Those 55-56 GM Chevies, Pontiacs, and the Olds would be worth a fortune in the classic car market today. Are the owners aware of that?
Where do they get the parts to keep them running? How do they keep them so faithfully restored?

Excellents phots, by the way!

And those classic cars are even older now...this thread is from 2012.

Possibly some may be faithfully restored but many are cobbled together with mismatched wheels, tires, Russian parts and engines etc.  The laws in Cuba have only recently changed to allow private citizens to buy and sell cars. The fact that so many of these classics are still rolling  is a testament to the ingenuity of Cuban mechanics.

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