An uncontrolled anecdotal comparison

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An uncontrolled anecdotal comparison

In another thread on this Fujifilm Finepix forum, I posted a pair of pictures, not taken simultaneously, but under (for all intents and purposes) the same lighting condition, of my grandsons in their home in Oakland, California, as they sat in identical positions at a table in their kitchen, with sunlight streaming in from a large window at the left but outside the frame. One was taken by my son with his recently purchased Sony alpha3000 camera, which has a 20 MP APS-C CMOS sensor, and the other was taken by me with a 2009 Fujifilm F70EXR camera, which has a 10 MP CCD sensor, but was exposed with the camera set to M size, P mode, ISO Auto400, and DR400, yielding approximately a 5 MP image.

I was called out by another frequent contributor to this forum, whose opinions I greatly respect, who suggested that the comparison was unfair, because (he surmised) in one photo direct light had affected contrast while (he surmised) in the other all the light was reflected.

As it happens, last month my spouse and I traveled to Japan, where we met up with our son and his family, traveling separately. During our time together in Japan, my son and I took several parallel but not identical shots of several scenes within seconds of each other, providing an accidental comparison basis to evaluate the rendition of his newly purchased Sony alpha3000 and my year old Fujifilm XF1 in the same shooting conditions.

Here, for any of the viewers who may be curious, are some of the results.  Note:  my Fujifilm XF1 had been set to local (JST) time; my son had not got around to setting the date and time on his Sony alpha3000, so the dates and times in the EXIF date for his shots will not be congruent.

Sony alpha3000 20 MP ISO100: train entering Enoshima Station.

Fujifilm XF1, M size (6 MP), ISO Auto400: same train entering same station at same time.

Local neighbors' contribution to public art at Enoshima Station: Sony alpha300, ISO100. 20 MP.

Same enhanced public art, different angle, Fujifilm XF1, ISO100, M Size (6MP) DR400

Rare red cherry blossoms at Enkaku-zhi in Kita Kamakura, Sony alpha3000, ISO100, 20 MP

Same temple. same building, same red sakura: Fujifilm XF1 ISO100, M Size (6MP) DR400

My son and I were in no way competing with each other, nor were we consciously engaged in a controlled empirical comparison of our two pieces of equipment; each of us was just trying to take the best capture that could be taken of the scene before us given the limitations of the cameras in or respective hands

Undoubtedly, it would be all too easy to draw unwarranted conclusions from comparing these three pairs of images. I post these, not in an attempt to prove anything, but just for the general interest of the gearheads who might be hanging around.

Enjoy, but please do not over-extrapolate.

FujiFilm FinePix F70EXR (FinePix F75EXR) Fujifilm XF1
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